Free SMS Tracker

Free SMS Tracker

We live in an era of SMS and virtual conversations. You do not have to meet the person, in reality, to talk to them or discuss anything. You can convey the messages through chat and communicate easily. Every smartphone or normal phone will have an SMS application on it. This application is useful for sending text messages to convey the message or to communicate. You can use SMS to communicate and convey your message without meeting the person in reality.

SMS applications can be used for sending images also. This application can send images with the charges which are entitled to it. When you compare a phone call and SMS, there is a major difference. Talking or sending messages through SMS is more secure than phone calls. You are the only one who has access to SMS and the person you are talking to.

There are many good side points of SMS that should be known to you. You can use that for minimum charges, send messages quickly, be private and easy-to-use. Some points of SMS too. SMS can be used for mean purposes which maybe not be correct. As a parent, you need to be sure about what your kid is doing. Also, a partner may feel insecure about his or her partner. To have a look at who your partner is talking about, SMS tracking applications might be useful to you.


SMS tracking can be done by an employer, partner, parent, etc. You can track the SMS application of the target device. It is highly secured, and the person will not know about it. As a boss, you need to make sure that your subordinate is not leaking confidential information. Also, a parent will be confident about what their kid is doing or talking to anyone.

SMS Tracking
SMS Tracking

Features of SMS Tracking

  • Direct access to messages: SMS is used to talk to someone in private. You can use the SMS tracker to keep an eye on the person with whom your partner or subordinate is talking. It will help you to be more confident about your kid or partner. The whole conversation can be in front of your eyes, and you can read it as per your will.
  • Access to outbox: For a partner, boss, or parent, you need to be sure with whom your target is talking. You can use the SMS tracker to read the message sent. The outbox includes a whole conversation with everyone. Therefore, the SMS tracker will help you to get access to the outbox.
  • SMS media: SMS is also used for sharing media content like photos, videos, and documents. You can get a look at what the media content is shared from the target device to others. There will be evidence that you took a look at SMS media to the person.
  • SMS contacts: The contact number of the person is visible on the SMS application. Once you get to access the SMS application, you can know the contact. Name of the contact, contact number, and also the history of contact.
  • Deleted media and chats: An SMS application can be used to chat and delete the conversation. You will not be able to see what the conversation was about. Here, the tracking application will help you to read deleted chats. Also, the media which is deleted by the owner of the phone can also be seen.


Steps to Track SMS Messages (100% FREE)

Steps to Track SMS Messages
Steps to Track SMS Messages

Now, there is a need for you to know how to track the SMS application. This application can be used to talk and share messages and chat. SMS applications can be tracked for free. However, you need to follow the steps as it is. Here are the following steps to track SMS.

Step 1: Download

This is the first step which is very important for you to get going. You need to download the Free SMS Tracker on the target device. Once the application was downloaded from the link on the official website (, install it. The installation process will ask for certain permissions that should be given. Once this is done, enter the details for registration again.

Step 2: Log in

Login is required to complete the tracking process. Moreover, you can get the login option on the website of the tracking application.

Step 3: Tracking

All the steps are completed then you can start with tracking of SMS and get access over it.