Free Call Tracker

Free Call Tracker

In the past few year’s technologies has tremendously increased worldwide to meet our needs and desire. Changes in life scenarios have brought many apps to play a vital role in our day-to-day activities. Recently, Software engineers all over the world came with the idea of “Call Tracker”.

Free Call Tracker App such as MobileTracking App helps you to track the information of the caller’s exact location, nationally or internationally. It also helps the call receiver to understand the caller. Free call tracker has helped to track calls and communication on calls which is very crucial for secret agencies to crack any information or strata. Call tracking is nothing new, but the ever-increasing milestones in technological advancement make it an invaluable asset to have.

Free Call Tracker

Free Call Tracker
Free Call Tracker

Free call tracker is a software-based app. It allows one to keep monitoring of all call records (i.e. call records, call received data or missed call data, SMS, MMS, Call Recordings, duration, etc.) during the period of time it was used for. The free call tracker also alerts with spam and fraud numbers. Moreover, it helps you to detect any number which does not belong to your call list.

This application is absolutely free of cost and user-friendly in spite of giving as many facilities; you don’t have to take any subscription or use any paid version of it hence, this app is almost found in every cell phone.

Free Call Tracker App helps you to analyze the call data with the help of algorithms. You just need to allow permission such as your call logs, camera, and location for the application to run on your device smoothly.


These types of applications are mainly used for business purposes where a business organization can enhance their customer care services by maintaining essential data and analyzing (for ex: age and name of the caller) thus maintaining better customer relationships.

Why use the Free Call tracker?

Call trackers not only provide accurate and reliable information, but they also make the task of remembering call details easier for us. Not only this, but it can prove a game-changer for some businesses which mainly rely on customer feedback given through phone calls. Hence it makes it very significant to use call trackers.

Features of Free Call Tracker

  • Call profile

Very basics of this app are maintaining a record of the caller’s profile and arranging it in a systematic way so that it becomes user-friendly and anyone can use this information.

  • Call recording

This is the most important feature. Whenever you receive or make a call “call tracker” spontaneously starts the voice call recorder which usually gets store in your device memory.

Note: You should never reveal a piece of sensitive information (passwords, bank details, etc.) while the call recorder is on as this can lead to data breaching.

  • Call logs

You can view your details of incoming and outgoing calls which helps in saving time. In simple words call log is your call history which can be deleted if you wish. Moreover, you get an alert of ‘missed call’ in which all the calls to which you haven’t responded are shown up.

  • Date/Time

The date and time feature, tells you about at what time/date your call was placed so you can check the date and time of each call.


How to use Free Call Tracker?

How to use Free Call Tracker
How to use Free Call Tracker

You can download the free call tracker app from the app store or from The application can also be downloaded in APK format from the official website. After downloading the APK don’t forget to install it.

Step 1: Download

If you have an android phone, then follow these steps:

First, you need to download and install the call tracking app at, which is absolutely available for free. After the installation is done, you need to open the app and register for connection/use. Read and Agree to the privacy policy. Further, the application will ask for your permission, such as contact info, etc. Click on allow.

Step 2: Log in

Once the connection is set up, you need to log in to the app. You can log in from the website of the app.

Step 3: Call Tracker

Once you log in and reach the account, there will be many options. It would be best if you used the Call Tracker option to track all the calling activities on the phone. (Some settings are default, change according to your needs and requirement).