MobileTracking: Best Mobile Tracker App

Everyone can come to an undeniable fact that’s impossible to refute, and that is the massive progress technology has made in the 21st century. Each year, there have been giant strides and exponential leaps in various technological fields ranging from genetics and nanotechnology to information and mobile technology.

When the telephone was first invented, people believed virtually anything was possible. Soon, wireless technology followed suit with the invention of cordless phones as the next step in the evolution of this device. It wasn’t long before cell phones became the next big thing; now, we have smartphones. As these developments took place, a new need was created. People wanted to feel secure with their phones in case it was stolen or they got lost.

This was how mobile tracking technologies came into the picture. As expected, the market soon expanded and became very competitive, with each brand trying to outcompete their rivals. As is usually the case, certain applications have made their mark and stood out from the crowd. One such application is MobileTracking, the number one mobile phone tracking app.

About MobileTracking App

MobileTracking: Best Mobile Tracking App
MobileTracking is a top-tier brand and industry leader in the mobile phone tracking market. Since its year of establishment, this application has slowly made its way to the top by providing exceptional value and unmatched tracking capabilities to users.


The software's abilities are not the only reason it’s one of the best tracking apps on the market, it’s also very easy to use. With a simple, minimalist, and functional user interface, this application makes on-screen navigation a walk in the park. It doesn’t matter if one has previous experience with the app, you can easily understand how it works on your first installation.

Aside from its user-friendliness, MobileTracking ticks the box for great features. That’s a no-brainer because an application can’t be categorized as top-tier without having sophisticated and exciting features. It’s these functionalities that give its users an enhanced and seamless tracking experience that is worth several 5-star ratings. This application’s function is simple - anonymously tracking the location of a phone. It’s the perfect surveillance and remote monitoring tool.

The above description seems like high praise, but when one considers what MobileTracking is capable of, it's aptly named.

The following should give a glimpse of the perks one can enjoy with this application:

  • It's compatible with any android device regardless of the operating system
  • It can track activities on various social media applications, including Instagram, Facebook, Viber, Snapchat, WhatsApp, etc.
  • It can monitor SMS messages
  • It can transmit the live location of a phone
  • It can monitor call history
  • It's available on iOS platforms


This is the best part. MobileTracking doesn’t cost a dime. Anyone can install it for free and have unhindered access to its full range of features. It’s not every day you see an application that can offer you premium value, and could be worth its weight in gold, but charges no subscription fees. It is not clear if the application will introduce it later on, but one can enjoy it in the meantime.


MobileTracking Features

MobileTracking is equipped to the brim with advanced features that make it such a joy to use. Depending on what you need the app for, there are a variety of features for everyone. They include:

  1. Free GPS tracker
  2. Free call tracker
  3. Free SMS tracker
  4. History of sites visited
  5. Spy call recorder
  6. WhatsApp Tracker
  7. Viber Tracker
  8. Snapchat Tracker
  9. Instagram Tracker
  10. Facebook Tracker

Free GPS Tracker

If your purpose for installing the app is keeping your friends and relatives safe or monitoring valuable possessions, the GPS tracker is your go-to feature.

It's capable of transmitting real-time data with a high level of precision on the location of any device. The application leverages the latest tracking technologies to ensure that the information it relays to the user is not just accurate but up-to-date.

The reach of this feature is worldwide. So, it doesn't matter if what one is monitoring is in a country thousands of miles away, it will seem like it's right in their backyard.

The live location functionality isn't the only thing that makes the Free GPS tracker. One can also use the app to discover new places of interest such as hotels, restaurants, cafes, and hospitals.

To use this feature:

  • Download or install the MobileTracking app
  • Register the relevant account on the application or create one using one's contact information (this ensures better accuracy with location data)
  • Sign in to the application
  • Navigate to the "Free GPS Tracker" feature and use it to track the target phone.

Free Call Tracker

This is mainly for surveillance and intelligence gathering. People who usually utilize this feature are those who suspect their partners of infidelity. It could also be those who are monitoring employees who are suspected of engaging in malicious activities. With this feature, anyone can keep track of the incoming and outgoing calls on the target device. Over time, the usage of this feature helps one to identify or establish a calling pattern that may provide useful information.

The call tracking feature does more than monitor call records, it's also capable of recording phone call conversations, providing timestamps on each call, the call duration, and the identity of the caller.

The best thing about the feature is its discretion. It carries out its activities without the knowledge of the owner of the target device. The feature is also user-friendly.

Free SMS Tracker

This is a very similar feature to the above-mentioned one. The only difference is that this feature focuses on monitoring incoming and outgoing SMS on the target device. Just like the Call Tracker, the operation is anonymous. The feature provides relevant data such as timestamps and contact IDs of the sender and receiver of the messages you're monitoring.

In most cases, it's used alongside the call tracker to monitor interactions on the target device. It's an incredibly effective way of digitally eavesdropping on your partner or kids.

History of Websites Visited

This is the go-to feature for users who want to monitor the internet activities of their spouses or kids. It tracks the websites navigated while the user of the target device is online. This feature provides comprehensive data including the URLs, timestamps, and frequency of site visits.

Everything one needs to have a detailed knowledge of one's online habits. It's mostly used by parents who want to monitor their children's online activity and protect them from inappropriate content.

Spy Call Recorder

As the name implies, Spy Call Recorder is a feature that anonymously monitors and records phone calls on the target device. Its functionalities make it capable of high-quality audio recordings. This will enable the user to pick up sounds they would've missed during a normal phone call.

The feature stores the device's call recordings on the MobileTracking app, where the user can access it later. Similar to the call tracker and SMS tracker, the feature provides metadata such as contact IDs and timestamps.

WhatsApp Tracker

WhatsApp is a commonly used messaging app where users exchange various kinds of information. MobileTracking's WhatsApp Tracker is designed to give its users oversight of these exchanges. In simpler language, one is privy to monitoring exchanges of texts, voice recordings, calls (voice and video), and media attachments on the target device.

This is a go-to feature for parents who want to supervise their kids’ interactions on WhatsApp to ensure they’re not indulging in inappropriate activities. It can also be used by employers to monitor their staff to ensure that they’re not leaking confidential information.

Viber Tracker

Viber is another popular messaging and caller app where a high volume of information is exchanged every second that goes by. MobileTracking has a feature that can help its users track, record, or monitor every activity of the target user’s device. It carries out the same function as the WhatsApp Tracker, but only on Viber.

Snapchat Tracker

This is one of the best features to use, not because it offers superior functionalities to others, but because of the app it tracks. Snapchat is renowned for giving users more privacy than many other social media apps. For instance, texts on Snapchat don't stay behind 24 hours before they're wiped from the system. There are also view-once media attachments that self-destruct once the receiver has opened them.

So, a lot of internet users who don't want records of their conversations prefer using Snapchat. This makes this feature even more appealing. You can track and have records of disappearing texts and self-destructing media content, among other types of information.

Instagram Tracker

With this feature, anyone can monitor all manner of Instagram interactions on the target device. This includes the stories posted or viewed, comments, posts liked, accounts followed, reels watched, and so on.

It also extends to sent and received messages. This feature provides timestamps for these activities as well as the profile information of the accounts the target device interacted with.

Facebook Tracker

This feature performs the same functionalities as the Instagram Tracker, but it's exclusive to Facebook. Users can utilize this feature to have insights into the Facebook activities of whoever they're monitoring. With this feature, parents and employers can have a detailed overview of Facebook activities on the target device.

How to Install

Installing the app is just as easy as using it. The installation process includes:

  • Get permission: This should be the first step before installation. Due to the invasive nature of the app's activities, users are required to get consent before using it. Otherwise, they will be doing something unethical and illegal.
  • Install the application: To do this, head to the official website of MobileTracking and download the application via There are versions for both iOS and Android devices.
  • Configure the device the app will be installed on: After downloading the app, the next step is to head to your settings and enable "Install Unknown Apps." This allows apps that are not downloaded from the Google Play Store to be installed on your device. This is for Android users.
  • Installation: Open the downloaded file and follow the instructions to install the MobileTracking app on the device
  • Register: Now that the app has been installed, the next step is to register an account using a valid email address. Adhere to the instructions required for activating the app on the target device
  • Track: On completing registration, log in to the registered MobileTracking account using any device and discreetly monitor the activities of the target device.

Why One Needs MobileTracking

MobileTracking serves multiple purposes depending on who is using it and why. These are some of the reasons a user will need this application:

To Confirm Infidelity

If one suspects their partner or spouse of cheating on them, the best way to know for sure is through their communications. This includes their messages and/or calls on social media as well as SMS messages and phone calls. With the MobileTracking application, anyone can keep track of the conversations their partner is having on their phone and who they are having it with.

The user can also utilize the GPS feature to track their location as a way of knowing if they’re being faithful or not. For instance, if one’s spouse says that they’re going to the grocery store, but their location data reports them being at a hotel, then the user can know something is fishy going on.

It’s Discreet

The application allows its user to carry out their findings without being obvious about it. If a partner is under suspicion of being unfaithful, demanding to see their phones or stalking them is an obvious indication of distrust. This can affect the relationship if such suspicions are unfounded or unproven. The same thing with parents who want to know what their children are up to. They don’t want to give the impression that they’re all over their kids and don’t want them to have fun. Even employers want to be subtle as they may not want to tip off the employee they’re monitoring because they could cover their tracks.

That’s why the app is so important because it helps the user anonymously and securely investigate or monitor their spouses, children, or employees without them knowing. This is one of the best things about using the application.

To Monitor the Internet Activity of Kids

Everyone who’s on social media knows that anyone can have access to anything. Of course, that shouldn’t stop kids from having smartphones, but it’s ideal if their access to the internet is restricted. Since that rarely happens without the kids being sulky or dramatic about it and parents are not keen on confrontations, they want to employ a subtle means of supervising what their children do with their phones.

With MobileTracking, parents can keep track of incoming and outgoing messages, images, videos, and other kinds of information on their kids’ devices whether it’s on social media or not. They also can track their location and protect them from potentially harmful situations.

To Track Someone's Location

Though this use has been discussed already, but it deserves a section of its own. This is one of the most common reasons people need to install such an application. Parents and spouses may need to keep tabs on the location of their loved ones as a way to ensure they’re safe. In some cases, it’s done subtly, and in others, both parties are in on it.

To Confirm Who's Leaking Information

Employees who work in an organization that deals with sensitive information, such as law firms, hospitals, etc., are usually under scrutiny. Their employees use applications such as this to monitor their communications to ensure they’re not sharing unauthorized information or leaking confidential data. Sometimes, it’s done as a preventive measure, and in other cases, it's a measure the employer adopts to investigate employees suspected of data leaks. It’s the best way the employer can get the information or evidence they need without signaling their employees that they’re on to them.

To Find a Lost or Stolen Phone

MobileTracking makes it easy to locate a device that has been stolen or lost. This can significantly increase recoveries from phone thefts and save the user the expense of purchasing a new device.


Keeping tabs on someone has never been easier, and one has advanced tracking applications and features to thank for that. Now, one can get whatever information they need without confronting their partner, employees, or kids. Better still, they can gather such data without their knowledge.

This application is very useful in gathering evidence of infidelity, misconduct in an office, or curbing the internet activities of children. It’s also a great tool for ensuring the safety of the people you care about, and one gets all these perks free of charge. A blessing indeed!

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