Best Employee GPS Tracking App for Android

Best Employee GPS Tracking App for Android

Best Employee GPS Tracking App for Android – Overview of GPS Tracking apps for employees

With the advent of technology in communication, the way we communicate has revolutionized. Communication, unlike in older days, which was very time consuming has now become seamless and hassle free. These days’ smartphones are laden with upgraded technology features through which you can send images, text messages and record videos etc. However, flexible communication sometimes gives way to unauthentic elements. In this article you will be informed about the best employees GPS tracking app for the android.It will help you in monitoring the employees in organization. Generally it is seen that most of the android phones are vulnerable to traps of the unauthentic elements. So to avoid such traps GPS tracking will help in escaping from it.

Overview of GPS Tracking apps for employees
Overview of GPS Tracking apps for employees

Reason for using GPS tracking application

There are many sectors in the organization that requires GPS tracking because of moving nature of job. It is very easy to monitor employees when they are working in an office. Whereas when a job requires travelling then organization have to depend upon GPS applications for monitoring of the work. Moreover, these applications help the managers to be in touch with the employees round the clock. Also, sometimes it happens that the company requires complex data of the site urgently so the applications with its advanced features are able to send the data to the organization effectively. Usage of the tracking application helps in improving work systemization and productivity.

Benefits of GPS tracking application

Location monitoring

There is some construction site which is sometimes unreachable because of the inclement weather. So by the help of GPS tracking application one can predict the external influences on the work project of the company. With the help of location monitoring company ensures whether the work will be affected or not.


GPS tracking applications make sure that the important meetings of the company should take place always on time. There should be no delay because of the hurdles coming in between the work due to location. It is always important to not lose customers and the client.

Reducing expenses

It is the result of the planning and location monitoring done from the GPS application. By using the application one would be able to save the money which is spent on the fuel. Moreover, it will help in controlling the travel expenses and the various other expenses related to travelling work.

The company security

The organization will be able to monitor the employee’s actions and they will be sure that the employees will not be able to overstate the expenditures. Otherwise it happens sometimes that due to non-monitoring of the employees, they get lackadaisical and then they play with the future of the company.

Top GPS tracking application for Android

Top GPS tracking application for Android
Top GPS tracking application for Android


It is the most popular and desirable application for tracking employees through GPS technology. The software can be downloaded through the website of phone tracking by registering the details and creating the password. In this software detailed report of the activity of the employee will be provided regardless of the employee location. The best feature of this software is that it is suitable for the large as well as small teams. Even the remotest of the place is tracked through this application

Main features

Convenient time tracking with the help of mobile application

Scheduling of the work becomes easy.

Advanced tracking of time features enables employee to modify time entry for the tasks, fields and projects

The employees will be able to enter the time manually and location is updated on the basis of it.

The real time coordination is seen on the application that shows employee is closest to job site. With This information you will be able to assign the appropriate tasks.


The tracker combines the time tracking with tracking of employee. This application helps managers in accessing the information about the team in one place. Moreover, it is easy to use and free from any complicated updates.

Main features

Allows the location based time tracking

Allows exporting of data in a smooth and efficient manner

The data of the employee is displayed in an animated timeline. Hence, each and every activity of the employee is monitored effectively.

The time data sheet is organized very efficiently without any delay and is customized according to the hierarchical levels.

The application is very much suitable for android devices

Hour’s tracker

This GPS application is the combination of time and expense tracker. The fancy features of this application are very helpful in automating your work and helps in controlling every aspect of the job. It has been rated top continuously by the tracking agencies and is given excellent reviews by the websites.

Main features

The alert is being sent to the employee when the given limit of the work is completed.

It creates the filters and entries based on the tags.

Use tags so that you will be able to organize the entries with a keyword.

This application uses your location so that the automatic entries of the record are saved.


This application is also a very popular spying app and is a multitasking application. It not only monitors the employees but it also looks after the use of social apps, the messages and the calls. The work of this application consists mainly of collaboration and communication.

Main features

The main advantage and the unique feature of this application is that it tracks the previous locations of the device and monitors the path taken by the user.


It is a tool that is suitable for people who need project tracking and location tracking. The application provides all the features that are necessary for delivery of the project on time. Moreover, it helps in creating centralized system for managing of a team.

Main features

The reports send by this application are customizable

Gives appropriate data on work hours and the project time.


The above list of Best Employee GPS Tracking App for Android will help you in tracking the employee’s data effectively and efficiently without any hassles.

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