Top 7 iPhone Real Time Location Tracking Tools and Apps

Top 7 iPhone Real Time Location Tracking Tools and Apps

About reliable 7 iPhone real-time location tracking applications and tools

Present time location tracking is the activity that today has become a common desire for all of us. For iPhone users, many cases are there when they are need for the tool that is efficient enough at tracking the location of iPhone when it gets stolen or is unfortunately lost down somewhere unknowingly. It is not at all possible to follow the target person for the whole day and night to keep a watch on all activities they performed. One cannot keep eye manually on another person so the best software developers have developed the right tracking tools and apps that can be made in use.

About reliable 7 iPhone real-time location tracking applications and tools
About reliable 7 iPhone real-time location tracking applications and tools

The one looking for tracking on target iPhone can make use of present time location tracking tool. Here in this article, you will read all about the best tools and apps that are listed here based upon their reliability, positive reviews and star ratings. Therefore without any hesitation, one can keep eye on the location movements of their closest one and protect them from all types of dangers.

Look at the list of top 7 real-time location tracking app



MobileTracking is a reliable parental controlling and kid’s activities monitoring app that helps a user in tracking the target user Smartphone activities. Though the application is particularly designed to be used tracking at android and iOS, it can be also used on other OS as well. To set up the app in iPhone a hacker must know the iCloud address and its password and thus the activities are done all cell phone. For android one can do the downloading of the app and set up a user account and start doing the monitoring.

To use the app a hacker has to step in MobileTracking app home site using link ( and signup. Just register yourself using the right login address and password. Provide the application details of the target person and choose OS and tap on next. Now fill iCloud information and password and verify to start tracking. Log in and head towards the online dashboard and read all acquired information.

Features it offers

  • IM apps chats reading- The application is providing the ability to a hacker to keep a full eye on IM chats done. It works on all leading IM apps like WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook Messenger, etc. It will track down all chats, shared media files, location sharing details, status updates, etc.
  • Call logs viewing The application is very much capable enough at viewing all call logs with complete accurate information. The application views dialed calls, deleted calls, received calls with its location, call maker info and call receiver info and call duration.
  • Live calls recording All calls that are made/received can listen at real-time. This is effective at clearing the doubts that one can have regarding the type of spouse, children, friend and employee behavior on phone.
  • Multimedia files viewing All saved multimedia files such as photos, images, screenshots, and videos will be seen.
  • Internet history viewing- The activities are done on the internet such as surfed websites used URLs. The app will also extract the details of media downloaded from the internet with its all details.
  • Location tracking The real-time movement’s details of the target person and device can be figured out with GPS on the map.
  • Compatible- The app is compatible with all the versions of iPhone till date. Therefore one need not have to worry about the app companionability.
  • Free to use- The best quality of the app that almost everybody likes is that it is free of costs to use.
  • Better customer support- The app offers very good customer support so that a user without facing troubles can use it and satisfy spying aim.



This application is free of cost iPhone tracking solution permitting one to track real-time location. A user can install it on the target device and then begin doing the phone monitoring.


  • Real-time location movements of a person are viewed
  • The app is featured with location reporting as well as a geofencing feature
  • It works in a hidden mode at the device
  • With this many devices can be tracked



This iPhone real-time location tracking application is useful at tracking the location of others easily and at any time. It is using internet mapping, GPS for effective location tracking. The application has become the best location tracking tool that is widely appreciated by many users because of its easy working ability and good spy features.


  • Easier for a user to allow or deny location following
  • User can track iOS easily without jailbreaking
  • Setting up the app is a lot easier
  • No much battery is used by the app

Find my iPhone

This iPhone tracking solution is a reliable tracking tool that is available from Apple for tracking the target-present time location. Also, this app can be used for tracking the location of the stolen or lost phone. In addition to the location, the application can be used for accessing the other details of the target person phone.

Plus points

  • A hacker can view battery percent on the target phone
  • The location history of the phone is easily visible
  • It is providing the ability to find a misplaced phone
  • It is quite convenient for one to track the real-time location of iPhone over the map


This application is another reliable real-time location tracking tool that is completely equipped with many excellent features. It not only allows one to track the target person location but distance, speed, and altitude. Many more features are offered by the tracking tool.


  • One can share the location with all other users.
  • There is no need to download and install the app; it works well with that too.
  • It only needs targeted phone complete information


This application is free to use permitting all to share the present time location with the other person. To track the person a user has to send the sharing request from the phone to own. Then a tracker can easily view all activities of location on the dynamic map.


  • It is quite easier for one to use the app and run it in a stealth mode.
  • The application is capable enough at tracking a real-time location permitting a user to use without the need to register.

Find My Friends

This application is listed in the last position that is permitting a user to easily track the real-time location of the iOS device. It is effectively used for tracking iPhone real-time location and setting Geo-fencing location for getting the notification when a person leaves or gets into the location.

Possible advantages

  • Tracking the present time location of friend and family
  • A user for a well defined time can share the location and also either temporarily or permanently.
  • The application can also be used for setting geo-fencing alert when one gets in or out of the location.


Any reason can be there for one to use the application so that real-time iPhone location can be traced. Might be you want to keep a track on employees, children, spouse or friends activities. If you are not known of how to track the real-time location of the iOS device then making use of all above-listed tracking tools will be a lot more advantageous and helpful. If you want to keep control completely on more cellular action activities then using MobileTracking will be the right solution.

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