Top 10 Free SMS Tracker Without Installing on Target Phone

Top 10 Free SMS Tracker Without Installing on Target Phone

Learn Top 10 Free SMS Tracker applications without Installing on Target Phone

With the availability of internet and smartphones, we easily connect with our loved ones. However, text messages contribute same standing as before for connecting peoples to their loved ones. Still, most of the people use text messages to connect with their loved ones. Though, ease of messages has its own negative aspects. For parents it takes lots of uncertainties, as kids can easily hide with whom they are talking in text messages. As a parent, you may be worried about the weird behavior of your kid, where they keep texting and chatting all-time with the phone. Of course, it affects their studies and their health.

Learn Top 10 Free SMS Tracker applications without Installing on Target Phone
Learn Top 10 Free SMS Tracker applications without Installing on Target Phone

So it is better to stay away from this situation, thus it becomes necessary to track the activities of your kid’s smartphones. For this there are numerous free SMS trackers accessible on the internet that allows you to spy on the target device without installing it on your target device.

To rescue you, we have come up with Top 10 Free SMS Tracker applications that do not require installation on the target phone. Here is the list:

#1 MobileTracking

#1 MobileTracking
#1 MobileTracking

It is the free SMS tracker application that allows you to track incoming and outgoing SMS from the target device. Parents can use this application to read conversation kids made on their phone. It allows discreetly spying of the target phone and give full access to the gallery. Moreover, it is not limited to android or ios device, you can this application in all types of hardware. It allows users to locate their target person on maps. Every activity of target device you can access remotely from the user control panel. To download this application hit on this link – now makes an account here and complete settings for getting started.


  • This application works without installation on the target phone
  • Moreover, you can spy on someone account even without breaking the operating system security
  • Also, you can read the incoming and outgoing messages from the target device
  • You can browse internet history from the target device

#2 SpyZee

#2 SpyZee
#2 SpyZee

It is a reliable and free SMS tracker application available you can use it without installing on the target phone. For iPhone device, you need to get iCloud id and password. However, to spy on the android device you need to root. Once you have downloaded this application on the target phone you can access the saved information from target device such as email, text messages, google drive stored files, videos and pictures. Beneficially this application is available with the free and paid version. Before choosing the paid version you can try its trial version.


  • No need for jailbreaking of the target device
  • Allows viewing text messages and calling history
  • With GPS locator you can track the target device location

#3 PhoneSpying

#3 PhoneSpying
#3 PhoneSpying

PhoneSpying is another SMS tracker application that does not require installation on the target device. You can use this application to track SMS from the target device even from apple devices. Moreover, it works in both ways with or without physical access to the target device. However, to avail powerful features you need to buy its premium version.


  • Track calls and SMS
  • You can read deleted or blocked contacts from the target device
  • Notes can also be tracked
  • Only it requires downloading and installation on the target device

#4 TheTruthSpy

The TheTruthSpy is a parental control application that you can use to track SMS from the target device. Most importantly there is no need to install the application to monitor the target device activities. You can track their locations, past travel history, and incoming and outgoing calls. Even you can use this application without being caught by the target person.


  • This can track sent and received SMS from the target device
  • This application even works without installation of the target device
  • Remotely access of device is also possible

#5 FoneTracker

It is another free SMS tracking application that you can use without installing on the target phone. You can capture details like phone call history, text message details, cell phone data usage, and more. FoneTracker is the free spy tool you can download from its official website.


  • FoneTracker application work without installation on the target device
  • It can track and retrieve deleted messages too
  • Even you can access web browser history

#6 Spyic

This application is the best application that you can use to track SMS without even accessing the target device. It is best for parents who want to know their kid’s whereabouts. To use this application you don’t have to install this application. For Apple devices, you need iCloud id of the target device. This has embedded parental control features allows you to locate your kids location from the target device.


  • It can track multiple devices at a time
  • Remote controlling of target device is possible
  • Users can use this application on iOS and android devices
  • This application allows you to read the call history and web browsing history

#7 iKeymonitor

It is also a spy application that gives you the opportunity to track target person SMS remotely. Unlike other apps, it does not require bypassing the security of target device. Most importantly, it does not require installation on target device. It is a great option when it comes to read social media conversations. The only drawback on this application that you have to buy its premium plans for spying. It has clean UI so you don’t have to learn hacking skills to use this application.


  • User-friendly and reliable app
  • All features can be customized
  • With this application, you can read deleted messages too

#8 FreePhoneSpy

FreePhoneSpy is the best application that allows you monitoring SMS discreetly without even installing the software. You need to have physical access to target device to use this application. However, it has the most powerful features among other applications. For SMS tracking it is the best solution. It can be operated from different devices at a time.


  • Different phone activities like social media tracking, call log history, and other activities can be monitored
  • FreePhoneSpy application is available for free, even you can try its paid version for advanced features
  • GPS location history can be tracked

#9 SpyMyFone

SpyMyFone is a professional and reliable spy application available on the internet. This application is a complete monitoring solution for tracking someone SMS for free on target phone. Millions of peoples are using it today because of its tight security. There is no abnormality on app function as it looks the same as other apps.


  • You can spy over on different social media handles such as facebook, twitter, instagram, etc using this app
  • It can track calls and messages remotely
  • Even it gives permission to view multimedia files on target phone

#10 CocoSpy

CocoSpy is able to work on different types of the operating system. Using this application you can read deleted or blocked messages from target device. This tool has many selective features that perform spying task smoother. Most importantly, it works in complete stealth mode so your target person never comes to know that you are spying on them.


  • It gives you the option for live call recording
  • Best suited for parents who want to know their kid’s whereabouts
  • Even GPS locator can provide accurate location of target person instantly
  • With a proper and fast internet connection, you can steal any information from the target device


So these are the top SMS trackers you can use to track SMS on the target phone without installing

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