3 Ways to Track Someone’s Location on iPhone

Learn 3 easiest ways to track someone’s location on iPhone

Many unexpected circumstances occur in a person’s life that lets him or her to do the iPhone tracking and observing. Might be you are willing to discover all that is going in wife/husband, friends or children life. With the access of the best spyware, a user can easily spy on any device and see all essential activity going on it. No doubt in today’s time when computerization has existed very well, spying on an individual’s device has become a lot easier. One doesn’t need to have a spying knowledge if willing to see the location of iPhone.

Learn 3 easiest ways to track someone’s location on iPhone
Learn 3 easiest ways to track someone’s location on iPhone

You are looking for the appropriate answer to the problem of how the iPhone device location can be spied. This article will tell you about the top 3 easiest and popular and of course oriented result in delivering ways to track iPhone activities inclusive of location. Doubtlessly those hassle-free ways will permit you to achieve the desired aim.

Few things are assured by these location tracking apps to the users

Excellent customer support- It is essential for one to use the spyware that guarantees full-time customer support. It’s true that always answering on mail isn’t possible. However, at some or the other point of time, one needs the access of the customer care team. Thus a good tool always provides help to a user so that he could easily use the application without facing more problems.

Money back surety- This is an important thing that the spyware features. 100% money-back guarantee offered to the clientele is making them tension free when using it. If in case a user using spyware is not happy with the service quality, he is having the right to get the money back. A reliable one definitely returns back the money full to its user.

Learn about 3 ways to see the target person location on iPhone

1- Use MobileTracking

1- Use MobileTracking
1- Use MobileTracking

With the access of this high-end technology, a user will easily find greater relief from all troubles that he/she is facing. Yes, MobileTracking app is the best one that you can use. This is the best mobile phone tracking and monitoring app used by the uncountable number of users. If you become concerned by seeing something that actually shouldn’t happen, making use of the spy tool will definitely be the right solution.

A user using this application will get the notifications and alerts of all the cellular actions conducted by the target. The details are uploaded on the application online dashboard. Currently, MobileTracking has become a popular solution for monitoring the target person behavior at its cell phone accurately. This tool functions in a better way in a hidden mode. The spying facility that is offered by this application is call logs, calendar updates, social sites activities, text messages and many more.

To use the application a user has to download the wizard from its homepage ( Once the app is installed and the user account is set up a user can view details of all activities.

What else?

GPS location viewing- This spyware is set up easily using the GPS location of any person. Through this, an employer, husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, parents can track the location of their respective ones easily. The complete whereabouts of the location movements whether it is real-time or previous will be easily known.

Viewing all chats- With the help of this tracking tool feature a user can read the conversation done on the instant messaging app. The text that is sent or is received by the target person is readable easily with multimedia files and content obviously.

Calls Spy- The information of every call is listed on app dashboard such as dialed, made, deleted and with date-time, location and persons.

2- Use FoneTracker

2- Use FoneTracker
2- Use FoneTracker

FoneTracker is the best tracking tool that easily tracks iPhone location. It is free to use tool that is easily used on iPhone and Android OS. The application is free to use that at every iPhone gets positioned without facing many issues. By accessing the wizard a user can easily do the observing of the call logs, text messages, media files, so on. The main function of this wizard is to track the iPhone or any other device location.

Steps to use this app

  • A user has to get access to the target person device and download and install the app into the target phone. This can easily be done by enabling an unknown sources alternative.
  • Get this application setup into own device from its homepage and create a user account by signing up. Also, you must enable the option of unknown sources to let the application takes its space conveniently.
  • Now a user can log in to the account and from the application online dashboard view all the details of the iPhone location.

3- Find My Friend

3- Find My Friend
3- Find My Friend

Find My Friend is doubtlessly a best location tracking tool majorly developed for iOS devices. If you are getting involved with this monitoring tool, user can share the location with anybody. The working of this wizard is almost the same as of the other spyware. But this application is used for tracking the other person location. The tool is available for free that runs on all iOS versions. To know about how to see the location on iOS through this app, here are a few steps you can follow.

  • Take the target person device in hand and then set up Find My Friend tool. After you get the app successfully downloaded and installed, tap on “ME” and then on “Share My Location” to enable the toggle.
  • Hit on option “Add Friends” and then select the contacts by giving Apple ID or by tapping on the contacts.
  • Tap on “send” option.
  • Now set the time and choose “Share Indefinitely” for location tracking until the target person discontinues sharing manually.
  • Get to the iPhone and agree to the permission of the tool by tapping on accept the option. Hit on the option “Don’t Share”. This won’t let target person to see iPhone location of yours.


These all are 3 best steps that will definitely help its target person to see the location of another person on iPhone. Get those and start spying faster and save the dearest one from falling into danger.

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