5 Ways to See Other Phone's Text Messages

5 Ways to See Other Phone’s Text Messages

Learn 5 Ways to See Other Phone’s Text Messages

In the age of rapid messages, one of the best ways of messaging someone is SMS or text messages. The reason behind it is does not require any internet connection to send messages. But it is very simple for someone to hack your text messaging app. This is mostly possible in the case of parents and married couples. If you are noticing that your children or your partner’s behavior are changed, then you need to know how to track someones phone text messages. With the help of the spying app, you can clear your doubt about whether it is right or not.

Learn 5 Ways to See Other Phone's Text Messages
Learn 5 Ways to See Other Phone’s Text Messages

Here in this article, we discuss the safest and best way to track someone’s Other Phone’s Text Messages without letting them know.

Way 1: MobileTracking app

The safest and best method to track someone’s text messages is MobileTracking app. It is one of the excellent methods of spying. MobileTracking is a monitoring and spying tool that you can use to oversee the activities of a target person. It is the beneficial device spying software that you can get online easily. Furthermore, it will able you to see complete activities on dashboard remotely without access to the target person device. It can supervise on android devices. For using this spying app, you need to install first on the target device.

Why we choose the MobileTracking app

MobileTracking software provides various beneficial features and functions to spying simply. It offered features at free of cost. So for using this app, you don’t require to take any subscription package like another spying app. You can download it from its official website, and also it’s configuring process done within minutes. Following are the features of message tracker software that makes your job easier.

Download MobileTracking for tracking messages at:

Features of SMS tracker application

MobileTracking app offered different features to the user, but text message tracker is one of the more necessary among them. You can view the messages which are received or sent by the target person.

Also, you can view the exact date and time of all the text messages which are sent or received. Apart from this, you can know all the information of the sender such as the name of the person, number, WhatsApp contact, email contact, etc. there are some features available that you will obtain in a text message tracker with MobileTracking app.

  • It records the exact date and time of the text message
  • Information of the sender or receiver text messages
  • Real-time location
  • Access to the hidden text messages
  • Keep the text messages on your online account etc

Few steps to view someone’s text messages remotely

Step 1: create your account on the official site of MobileTracking app. At the time of registration, you need the information about the target person like his or her name, email id, age, etc.

Step 2: setup for Android. If the target person has an android device, then you require installing MobileTracking software on the target device first. It is an easy method. For downloading this software hit on this link: ( and install it.

Start 3: Open the software and then log in to your dashboard of MobileTracking app on any device you have and choose the option “messages” in the control panel to see the target person’s text messages.

Start 4: choose the option “SMS” and permit the software and start hacking to the target person device.

Way 2: TheTruthSpy app

If you want to spy on someone’s device without using their device then auto forward spy software is better for you. It offered you to access remotely any device using their OTA (over the air) link. You can easily download, install, and sign in to the software. For login, you need to your valid email id and password. After sign in, you can be able to view complete information from the target device frequently. It tracks the deleted text messages also. Furthermore, auto forward will record complete data like call logs, browser history, GPS location, social media, etc.

Way 3: XPSpy app

The XPSpy app is easy to use and getting fats results. It offers pioneer technology that helps you to spy on someone’s text messages app without letting them know. It provides up to date features for all android and iPhone devices.

Way 4: FreePhoneSpy app

The FreePhoneSpy app is one of the popular spying apps that are used to monitor on someone’s device without using their phone or another device. For using this app, you can buy it first. If you buy it, you offered advance lifetime upgrades and complete telephone service. You can track all the target person data such as call recordings, text messages, social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.

Way 5: SpyZee app

SpyZee is another most popular spying app that is available to hack on someone’s phone activities. You can use this app to track android and iPhone devices. It offers user’s different features that are making their task easier, such as track location, SMS, history of call logs, browser history, etc. It supports various devices like HTC, Lenovo, Huawei, etc. for using this spy app, you can buy it first. It is exist at a very reasonable price.


These are the five ways to track someone’s phone text messages. The spying app helps you to protect your loved ones from danger. So, you can use the MobileTracking app that can track the text message remotely and send a report to you via the internet.

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