How to Track a Lost Phone

How to Track a Lost Phone (Including Android, iPhone)

Find the lost phone location both Android and iPhone

Imagine what happens if your phone got stolen or misplaced. And you lost it with all your data and information. The smartphone you have purchased by a good amount of money. Its scary right 45 percent of the people on this planet are using internet-based android or iPhone also. And most of the people are using a very costly phone which they have purchased from their hard-earned money. So no one even wants to think about this loss.

Find the lost phone location both Android and iPhone
Find the lost phone location both Android and iPhone

But if you lost your phone filled with very personal data in it and a costly one also, definitely it will be heartbreaking for that person.

About MobileTracking

So today we will tell you about how to find your lost phone whether it is android or iPhone. By this method, you will be saved from this loss. MobileTracking is the application that you can use to find out the location of your lost phone. For downloading the application visit https://MobileTracking.App and download and install it on your phone. This application will easily find your lost phone and save you from the loss.

About MobileTracking
About MobileTracking

Benefits of MobileTracking application

  • It is remarkable and the most trustable application. When installed, and used for phone location tracking, it automatically turns the volume of ringer up and makes the phone ring. But in case the device is not in the nearby location and one can’t hear the phone ringing, this application will send a link to Google Maps with the GPS coordinates.
  • It has remarkable qualities like remotely lock device, passcode protection to prevent unauthorized app changes, no battery drain and location alert on low battery.
  • Like much other application it not only track the location of the lost phone device but MobileTracking app will also keep a track of the family members. In the lost phone option, it allows the phone user to create a group and track and communicate with all the group members. So it will help to find the lost phone faster.
  • It allows chatting with the group members and also shows real-time alerts. Safety features like a panic attack are also available in the MobileTracking.
  • It not only helps in locating the device but also helps in wiping the data by performing the factory setting option. That in result helps in saving the data which is personal and also sometimes sensitive. It displays the indoor as well as outdoor maps.
  • It even works in silent mode and tracks the network and battery status. It directs the roadside personal and directs emergency.
  • The stealth function of this application ensures if the thief has stolen your phone he will not be aware of the tracking system. The icon of the app deleted automatically and it will show it in installed one only.
  • The MobileTracking is the safe application free from any kind of virus or malware so it will not compromise with the overall safety of the user.
  • As it is compatible with iPhone users also so it will be of great help to find the lost iPhone also.

MobileTracking is the best mobile phone tracker application and it is completely free also. It takes care of all the safety needs both professional and personal. The application is installed and used by thousands of people and they said it the most trustworthy and reliable app. To get surety about it you can check the reviews also. It allows you to track all the information about your family members and employees too. But for using the application you have to first download the app. For that you need to follow some steps for the download and installation of it easily in your phone.

Following steps to Track a Lost Phone (Including Android, iPhone)

Following steps to Track a Lost Phone (Including Android, iPhone)
Following steps to Track a Lost Phone (Including Android, iPhone)

Just click on the link

  • Step1: Click on the Phone Tracker Download button
  • Setp2: Click Button Ok to accept the Phone Tracker Download
  • Step3: Open file download after the completion of the download.
  • Step4: Install MobileTracking app by click Install
  • Step5: After complete installation click on open to open the MobileTracking app.

Now register yourself in MobileTracking application.

  • Step1: Login or Register Account
  • Step2: Login/Register with Password and Email
  • Step3: Complete information of your account
  • Step4: Hide the icon and start monitoring

This application helps you save your phone from being stolen easily and you can trust this app completely. But in olden times the theft steals the phone which is very costly and sells it to the person at the lower cost. And for tracing the phone you have to do the police complaint and it’s a vast procedure. Police then by the phone IMEI number try to find the lost phone but till that time mostly the thief sells the phone to the unknown.


So it is difficult to find the real culprit but because of these devices stealing the phone is not an easy task. So it has been stopped to an extent because by using this MobileTracking application one can easily find the stolen or lost phone. Sometimes people lost their phones by mistake or carelessness. Most of the times’ phone lost in your own house also and if it is in silent mode it is not easy to find the phone. But with the help of this device one can easily find the mobile phone.

Nowadays it is common that parents give their phone to their child inside or outside the home for playing or study purposes and the child lost the phone by mistake that too in the rush area. So if it happens it will be a tough task to find the phone but if you are using the MobileTracking application which is a totally free service, you will find the lost phone fast before any wear and tear of it. So visit the site and follow the download process given above and start using this multipurpose application to deal with your daily life hacks.

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