Free Cell Phone Spy Software without Target Phone

Free Cell Phone Spy Software without Target Phone

Spy Remotely: Best Cell Phone Spy Software without Target Phone

Spying on someone phone looks like a thing from detective movies, however, it is so exciting, isn’t it? What if we tell you even you can do this without any special hacking skills. Today there are many spy applications available by which you can spy remotely without the target device. Sometimes it is not easy to choose an application you have pay attention to the requirements for spying someone device.

Spy Remotely: Best Cell Phone Spy Software without Target Phone
Spy Remotely: Best Cell Phone Spy Software without Target Phone

There are many reasons why people spy on someone device, maybe for fun or knowing whereabouts of the target person. Note- spying on someone without their concern is illegal in some countries. Thus, spying without a reason is completely useless. Many people’s are using these applications for spying someone device discreetly.

In this article, we will discuss all about remote spy app.

Everything about free spy apps

Spy apps have their advantages and disadvantages. These applications come with hundreds of powerful features and pros. However, they have some demerits too. Some spy applications have to be installed on the target device and chances of getting caught would be increased. No matter how companies claim that their apps are undetectable, but there is always of risk of getting caught. If you are spying on someone and you don’t want your target person know about spying.

If you are on relation and don’t want to spoil mess then spying on someone phone secretly will be a great option. Thus, you require an app that works on hidden mode. However, you cannot trust any random app as it can create problems. But this time we have come with MobileTracking application with zero risks. Now you can spy on someone phone without actually installing the application.

With the growing popularity of MobileTracking application, more peoples are using this application. This application gives you the opportunity for free spy even without physically accessing the target device. Thus, if you need to spy and avail powerful features, then you should try this application.

Steps for getting started with MobileTracking application

  • The foremost thing you have to do is, visit the official site of MobileTracking application. Click this link to get redirected on the app download page
  • Before downloading you have to create an account there, note- valid email address and password are required
  • After account confirmation, you can download this application on your device for remote controlling
  • For installation allow unknown sources from your device
  • Now launch the app on your target device and open the user account control panel
  • Here you have to enter the target device details such as email address, operating system and more. You can spy with two options “spy with call” and “spy with the hacking link”. Choose as per your convenience
  • After hacking the target device you will see multiple options on the control panel
  • Allow the remote spy option for remotely operating the target device
  • Moreover, you can use this app simply installing it on the target device, but you need physical access to the device.

Interactive features of MobileTracking application

  • Location tracking– MobileTracking application not only gives you spying features. But using it you can track the real-time locations of your target person. Every smartphone has embedded GPS tracker. This spy application secretly turns on this tracker and send live locations user control panel. In case, if there is no internet connection, it record travel history and send to control panel when connection reestablished. Only you need a fast internet connection so you can live map locations of the target device. Even more, MobileTracking application gives you geo-fencing feature so you get alerts and notifications when your target person crosses the restricted area.
  • Text message spy- this application allows you to read incoming and outgoing messages from the target device. Moreover, you can read hidden or deleted messages from the target device.
  • Call recording the MobileTracking application helps you to listen to all incoming and outgoing calls from the target device. Even you can record live calls and save on your gallery. Thus, this gives you the convenience to know whereabouts your target person.
  • Keylogger using this feature you can read the live typed passwords from the keyboard. It is the most useful feature for those who are looking at someone social media account passwords.
  • Address book- you can peep into someone contact lists and view contact details. Moreover, you can block any contact remotely using MobileTracking app.


So this is all about MobileTracking app by which you can remotely spy on someone phone.

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