3 Ways to Spy on Someone's Facebook Online

3 Ways to Spy on Someone’s Facebook Online

3 most easy ways to spy on someone’s Facebook online secretly

When a question comes about the safety and security of your family, friends, spouse or children, the only solution lies is in monitoring online activities. Today the hundreds of thousands of people are connected with the Facebook account and are regularly posting the status, videos, photos and sharing it with others. The need of an hour is spying on the Facebook account. So, before you proceed further on how to do spying on other user’s activities, you need to know all about how to do spying on someone’s Facebook account online. This article is fully equipped with best three ways including Phone Tracker on how to do monitoring of targeted person’s Facebook account online. Read to know what the three methods are.

3 most easy ways to spy on someone's Facebook online secretly
3 most easy ways to spy on someone’s Facebook online secretly

Once you get familiar with those three effective ways and the method of implementing those, it will become much easier for you to spy on anybody’s Facebook account. You need not have to run bulky software to get downloaded and installed into your device. You have get to the system dashboard and then keep a regular check on Facebook account of friends, family member, spouse or children to ensure safety from things that are really unwanted. This monitoring account of targeted one is useful so you can secure your dearest and closest one from any worst situation in which they might get into any wrong path.

Here are those 3 ways that you should know-

Way 1: Spy on Someone’s Facebook through Phone Tracker

Way 1: Spy on Someone's Facebook through Phone Tracker
Way 1: Spy on Someone’s Facebook through Phone Tracker

There are numbers of software that helps in monitoring Facebook account but some are really unsafe and unreliable. It is suggested that you use good source when you undergo such acts like monitoring a person’s Facebook account. It is required that software you are using is highly trustable and you should have full discretion onto it. For such reasons, it is advised that use the spy tool that helps you in easily tracking the users account of Facebook without letting them know. The numbers of spy tool are available but the best one is having too much of in-built trusts as they possess loyal user platform.

You can do judging of it on basis of numbers of reviews and on the social reach of those could be trusted easily. With the help of all such thing, you will come to know which one spying tool is reliable, trustworthy. For spying the account easily it is better that you make use of Phone Tracker App. This tool is reliable and unbeatable and has become first choice for among other spy tools. The reason is that it is having numbers of good reviews and is providing technical support of all 24×7 hours. It is having updated features at reasonable rates for spying account.

Features of Phone Tracker App


This feature will help hacker in checking the keys that are pressed in phone, you spies. With this, you knows password of account used by a person. Then you can use the password for doing spying in Facebook account.

Capturing screenshots

Phone Tracker is providing you feature of screenshot capturing. With helps of the feature, you will know all activities done on device when spied.

Control panel

Phone Tracker is giving you access on control panel by which events of phone spied can be accessed. It is including accessing to social networking app likes Facebook. You can use the account similar to the person uses its account. You can send and post messages to pretend them.

Call text and internet browsing

This tool provides you access on calls, messages that is received and sent. You can access browsing history that is visited in device.

GPS tracking

The app allows you in tracing location of device spied. With this tool, you can set perimeter for target device, so when target device get out of boundary you gets notifications.


  • It is having features and enables you in spying all activities on device spied.
  • It is fully safe, reliable, secured and of course trustworthy and is having lots of positive reviews.
  • Technical support is for all 24X7.
  • It comes at justified rate and starting for free of costs.

Steps to use-

  • You must have to register to Phone Tracker.
  • When it is done, you will be getting confirmation mail from team of this tool with link and all details of login to control panel.
  • In control panel online, a guide is there that tells you how to do this tool installation on device that you likes to spy.
  • Read instructions carefully and download app by referring method being described.
  • Access online control panel with monitoring targeted device.

Way 2: Spying Facebook through using TheTruthSpy app

Way 2: Spying Facebook through using TheTruthSpy app
Way 2: Spying Facebook through using TheTruthSpy app


It is one of the prominent spying tools that can be easily used for spying Facebook account of user. It is utilized for gathering all details through Facebook profile that you track online. The application is used in spying the Facebook text messages, irrespective of where those are sent through your device. It is giving full information about videos, photos, and images that is sent or received while conversation. The process is quite easier.

Creating account-

It is easier to create the account to register on TheTruthSpy. You have entered email ID and tough password. When you fill all details hit on create account.

Installing spy through online account-

When you have completed registration, installation page will open up on screen with link. By hitting on link you can install this app on targeted device. Follow instructions given and hit on install option.

Monitor online-

When installation done, gets into TheTruthSpy account through your account, and begins tracing all information with messages through online mode from anywhere.

Features of TheTruthSpy

  • GPS location tracking.
  • Compatible with all devices.
  • Convenient to use.
  • Reliable app.
  • 24×7 hours support.
  • Viewing call history and internet browsing history.
  • Know all contacts.
  • View videos, photos etc.

Way 3: Spying Facebook using AppSpy

Way 3: Spying Facebook using AppSpy
Way 3: Spying Facebook using AppSpy


One of the best promising spying tools is AppSpy. You can easily do the monitoring of all the online activities on Facebook. The monitoring can be done through remote access. The process of accessing is very much simple and easier. With just single click, you easily can get access to the account. The best thing is it you are getting free trial and once you gets satisfied with the suitable package you can begin tracking it. The package free is not very high, it’s just nominal and you easily can afford it. The installation process of this app is really very much simple.

But really today this application has become highly popular and it is taking full care of both personal and professional safety needs. This application is today well trusted by hundreds of thousands of people all across the globe. Just get into official site hit on download option and once it is installed start using it.

Some of the features of this application

  • Restricting certain incoming calls. Also with the help of this software, you can block the phone number that is unwanted.
  • It is having keylogging feature that is exclusive for IOS and Android phones that is easily recording all the keystrokes on device.
  • It is also have geofencing feature. Users can set the territories specifications, gets alert if the person that is targeted get out of the predefined territory.
  • It views both outgoing and incoming calls, emails, and messages.
  • Using GPS location feature helps in tracking the exact current location of the phone.
  • You easily can have full access over the social networking sites like Facebook.
  • The tool is supporting recording of surrounding and user can do recording of surrounding noise.
  • This AppSpy is a powerful tracking app and records all outgoing and incoming calls.
  • This gives user full access to the videos, photos, calendar entries on the device that is monitored.
  • One can do the monitoring of the instant messaging and even look at the pictures on IM apps that are selected like Facebook, WhatsApp etc.
  • It is undetectable. When you are continually is tracking the targeted person, he or she will not know that it is under control of a hacker. So this app assures you greater safety and security from getting traced.


There are the 3 easiest ways to spy on someone’s Facebook online secretly. If you are willing to do so you can take the help of those applications and get all what you want to know. Today mostly the parents are using the app for protecting their kids from getting in reach of any bad company. This had really helped lots of parents in making their kids getting out of wrong track.

Also the spouse is using the app to know all secret behind the strange behavior of those towards them. Thus it has helped wife and husband in saving their relationship from getting into any danger. Just get these apps and begin doing the spying to save your dearest and closest one from getting in any trouble.

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