2 Ways to Track WhatsApp Message Location

Track WhatsApp Message Location in 2 Ways

Learn 2 Ways to track WhatsApp message location

Past few years, people have seen technological changes. Several amazing tools is introduced that helps people to communicate in possible easiest way without putting greater efforts. One such platform is WhatsApp that has got greater popularity in short time and is used by numbers of people throughout the globe. With this amazing app a user can send the pictures, videos and also do the chatting. Additionally the status can be too updated to share all interesting that is happening in one’s life.

Learn 2 Ways to track WhatsApp message location
Learn 2 Ways to track WhatsApp message location

Well, if you had found that your children are hiding their WhatsApp activities from you, then it will be worrying for you. Thus you become quite curious to know all that is happening. The way that will allow you to know everything happening is Smartphone tracking only. You can use the best two ways of hacking WhatsApp that we have listed down here.

Ways to view WhatsApp messages location

Way 1: Use MobileTracking

Way 1: Use MobileTracking
Way 1: Use MobileTracking

MobileTracking app is the best and interesting spy tool that allows you to keep track on the WhatsApp messages location. This tool is reliable and convenient to access because of numerous spying features. It is untraceable app that helps parents to spy on children and spouse on their partner. It is companionable with iOS/android OS. It doesn’t need much space in the phone and data to get establish in the phone. Well, if you want to know how this application works then here are guidelines for you.

Step 1: Downloading and installing- The first thing that a hacker has to do is do downloading of the app on victim and own phone. MobileTracking tool can be downloaded from its website ( When the process of downloading is done, a user has to install the application.

Step 2: Creating a Phonetracking user account- When done with the process of application downloading and installation, a user account is to be created. Do it by using valid information such as username, ID and password. Ensure to use right ID and password, the one that you don’t easily forget.

Step 3: Access GPS location trackerThe app is having feature of GPS tracking that helps in tracking WhatsApp messages location. With this you will be provided with the map that will give you the details of accurate location from where the messages are coming to suspect phone.

Way 2: Use TheTruthSpy

Way 2: Use TheTruthSpy
Way 2: Use TheTruthSpy

This is another recommended tracking tool that is used by large numbers of people to not only track the messages location but also to0 hack the call logs and many other things. This tool helps parents to prevent kids from further danger that could enter into one’s life. The application is collecting data from the target person phone and a user can easily see the information and from the online dashboard of the control panel. A user can get the access to the app account from any part of the world.

To use the app follow the steps that is below listed

  • At first a user has to download the application on target phone. If you are using the android device then it is very much important for a user to get access to the phone physically and get the app downloaded.
  • Next a user has to install the app on both devices to track the activities completely and accurately.
  • Lastly a user have to setup the user account for creating the using the valid signup details.
  • After that a user has to turn on GPS tracking feature and track the accurate location of WhatsApp messages from the target device.
  • At the time of using the app check the availability of internet connection and it is going to collect and share the data on the app online dashboard.

Features provided by the spy tool

  • Calls history viewing and live calls recording
  • SMS spying
  • Text messages reading on IM apps
  • Social media apps activities monitoring
  • Monitoring activities done over internet
  • Viewing saved media files at target phone
  • Keylogger function for password cracking

More qualities of the app

  • 100% undetectable tracking solution
  • Remote controlling
  • Full time customer support
  • Free of cost solution


So those ways will be helpful to you in tracking the WhatsApp messages location. Start using it and get the desired result you want. This is undoubtedly amazing solution that will help you in all possible ways. The interesting spy features will help you to know the details of every activity done on the target device. Start using the app today’s and tracks all that you want according to your reasons.

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