Top 5 WhatsApp Tracking Apps

Top 5 WhatsApp Tracking Apps

An Updated List Of Top 5 WhatsApp Tracking Apps

Are you in search of the best WhatsApp spying or tracking application? Do you want to avail of all new technology advantages of spying apps? Then you have clicked the right the URL mate!! Here we have enlisted the all-new and updated apps that are apt to use.

An Updated List Of Top 5 WhatsApp Tracking Apps
An Updated List Of Top 5 WhatsApp Tracking Apps

So, let’s quickly start with it!

Our top 5 best WhatsApp tracking apps



It is one of the most trustworthy and promising applications for the stealth spy. With this, you can effortlessly read all the chats in real-time. Plus hear the recordings incoming and outgoing voice as well as video calls.


  • MobileTracking is a compatible app. It can provide the WhatsApp tracking on the latest Android as well as iOS within stealth mode.
  • Besides, reading the chats of your target, it even allows you to reclaim the deleted messages.
  • The 24*7 customer support is always there to help you out in any doubts and difficulty.
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Comes with other advanced features like geographical tracking, key loggers, ambient recording, social media tracking, real-time call hearing, and recording.
  • It is bug-free to install and get started. You can easily download the app from this official link



This app is another best option that you can pick. It comes with a variety of functions that are available at different rates. TheTruthSpy provides three ranges of packages as standard, premium, and gold.


  • Works secretly
  • Free 2 days trial available.
  • Compatible with most of the versions of iPhone and androids



This app has powerful features.


  • Track WhatsApp texts without installing anything on the target device
  • Complete details about the contacts and groups with whom the target is chatting


It is another trusted spyware in the market. And using the application is having many pros some of the pros that are there with using the application are as follows-


  • No jailbreak required with the 7.x, 8.x to 11.x version of iPhone
  • It is easy from installing and to spy.


It is the spy app that is inclusive of all types of tracking features that anyone needs. You must get aware of the pros that are available with the application. Some of the pros that are there with using the application are as follows-


  • It is compatible with all the device configurations
  • With this, you can view all multimedia files and chats remotely

What to look for in the best WhatsApp tracking app

The above-mentioned apps for tracking anyone’s WhatsApp are the best among numerous options available in the market. But hey!! Are you gonna buy all of them? No right! Of course, you cannot choose all five and use all of them. So, you have to pick one of them that will be apt for your spying requirements. Let see how you can do so!!

  • Reliability

Go for a reliable app. The reliable spying app is one that never gets noticed by the target. But besides this, the unreliable one will weaken the performance of the target phone or it will push you to install the app again and again. You can never have faith in such apps especially in the matter of spying.

  • Secrecy is the key in spying

Of course, when you are spying onto someone’s WhatsApp, the information must be limited to you only. So, never risk your secrecy!! Always look for that app that works with total stealth mode.

You will be feeling so overwhelmed by the offers that these apps will be giving you for spying. It would be like is it possible with apps now!! Yeah but relax! Look with little more attention. The quantity and quality of features often cost a bit more than the normal prices. So, you ought to be careful about the features that you want and what you can get in your budget. Since we are looking for the WhatsApp tracking here, and then your priority should be the features related to it. See if the app is providing access to all the chats even the deleted ones, all multimedia files shared online, status updates, WhatsApp video plus voice call recordings.

  • User-interface

The greatest defect in any application could be a complicated user-interface. Just think!! If the app is offering so many good features at reasonable prices but you are not able to understand it. Then what is the use of that app? It barely matters!! So, better you check the app before making the payment. You can see the free trial and demo that almost every app provides online. Navigate the app and its features with 100 percent attention.

  • Price matters

The prices in the spying apps vary with the different features that you choose. In general, WhatsApp tracking comes in the advanced feature option and may you have to pay a little higher. But still, select that package that fits in your budget.

  • Customer Support services

Now, you have selected the appropriate app. But when you have any doubts about using it and you are not able to contact the customer care. Then what? Drop the idea of spying with that app now. Any app’s effectiveness is judged via its customer support services. If the helpline number of any service provider is not active then never ever go for it again.

The best choice to make here

We will suggest you plump for the best among the apps in the market!! Hence, go for the MobileTracking. It is the best choice for you!! Let’s see why: –

  • 25+ Features
  • Effortless
  • Spy on all received and sent messages via WhatsApp and Facebook
  • Real-time tracking
  • Well-suited to Android 8 Oreo!
  • Free demo available for acquainting in using
  • Free and untraceable spying
  • User- friendly dashboard
  • 24*7active customer care services

So, download the MobileTracking app via the official link

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