Best 10 Couple Tracker Apps for iPhone and Android

Best 10 Couple Tracker Apps for iPhone and Android

Learn Best 10 Couple Tracker apps for iPhone and Android

It is commonly seen that when one becomes bored with the partner he or she begins dating one another. It’s not only you facing this common problem but many are facing such problems in life and are seeking for the right and effective solution. In this post a user will see all about top 10 best couple tracker app that will work for you as per the demands and expectations. The best thing is that all those are companionable with leading OS.

Learn Best 10 Couple Tracker apps for iPhone and Android
Learn Best 10 Couple Tracker apps for iPhone and Android

About couple tracker app

The couple tracking app is the monitoring app that provides a hacker realtime conducted activities information. Typically these applications are installed on the suspect phone and it collects the information and shares it with the app user. It is just a remote control process that doesn’t want a hacker to get out of the bed or home for detecting the activities. In fact, with these applications, a user will find ranges of spying features that will surely let one track the phone activities completely.

Top 10 couple tracking solution

#1 MobileTracking

#1 MobileTracking
#1 MobileTracking

At our list the one listed on the top is MobileTracking. It is having the ability to remotely accessing the device. The app is having many spy features that allow a user to spy on cell phone completely. As the app is having a userfriendly interface, the application can be easily downloaded and installed.

Use it


Open MobileTracking official webpage ( and then step for signup. Setup the user account using easy to remember details such as ID and password. Now confirm the ID and select the OS that is to be tracked.

Setup If you choose android then you must get the device in hand and set up the application in it and provide all login details. In case you choose iOS then you must navigate to iCloud login page and fill in the iCloud ID and password.

Start monitoring

Open the website and head to the app online dashboard and choose functions to spy.

Features it offers

  • User-friendly app
  • Compatible app with iOS and android
  • Views calls, messages and location
  • View multimedia files
  • Compatible with all leading OS
  • Hard to find it installed by the target
  • Key Logger function is available
  • Free to use the app
  • 100% accurate result delivering app

#2 SpyZee

#2 SpyZee
#2 SpyZee

This application is considered to be another most powerful tracking solution that a user can use from anywhere and track the partner device easily. This has become a good solution for all users such as parents, spouse, friends, and employers.


  • Social media apps viewing
  • Location tracking
  • Accessing videosphotos
  • Calls and messages hacking


  • Multiple OS supporting
  • Remotely access to the camera

#3 FreePhoneSpy

#3 FreePhoneSpy
#3 FreePhoneSpy

This app is another best tracking application that is used by the people throughout the globe. No doubt this app is having ranges of features that are used by the large numbers of people and have become completely satisfied and happy.


  • View call logs
  • View URL history
  • Blocks inappropriate apps and sites
  • Remote access to the media files


  • Affordable
  • Good customer support
  • Fast setup

#4 TheTruthSpy

TheTruthSpy is the next tool that is listed down here and can be used for tracking the cell phone completely. This application has got success within a short time, thus making the application to be the best one to use.


  • It can be installed without getting traced
  • Tracks all messages and calls logs


  • Affordable app to use
  • Compatible app

#5 FlexiSpy app

This application is another app that is highly featured by many spy abilities. This application puts its complete efforts in fulfilling the desired target so that a user can get professional experience when accessing it.


  • All details are accurately updated on the app dashboard
  • It tracks all SMS and calls
  • Realtime location tracking is possibly done


  • Easy to install
  • Undetectable functioning
  • Ideal app for couple tracking

#6 iSpyoo

This application is another one that today is high in demand among the numbers of users and with the help of this tracking solution one can easily see the conducted activities of the target person. This application is having all easy to use features and one can do the hacking without facing much troubles.


  • Location tracking is possible
  • Calls and text messages are spied
  • Listen to the phone calls through the live listening ability
  • All chats done on IM apps are viewed
  • Social media sites activities are too traced


  • Affordable tool
  • Amazing spying features are available
  • Easy to use application

#7 Mobile Spy Agent

The title itself suggests that this couple tracking app is spying on wife and husband cell phone to see all that is happening in one’s life. With the very good customer care services and support the app has become an ideal selection for couple tracks.

Features of spy tool

  • Easy to access
  • Full customer care support is available
  • Free trial is offered
  • calls logs and text messages are spied
  • Location of target person is tracked easily
  • Stored media files are too visible


  • Easy to use the app
  • Affordable application
  • Compatible tool

#8 Mobile Spy

This application is considered to be as an inbrowser solution permitting a user to have access to the online dashboard and from there view all the activities information. Mobile Spy is the wizard that is appreciated by the global user for various excellent spying features that this app is offering. There are many features offered by this application that is making the user experience quite commendable.

Features it offers

  • View internet history activities
  • Location tracking and Geofencing
  • View call logs and messages details
  • View stored multimedia files into the target device


  • Remote access to the activities in the present time
  • Works with greater effectiveness and efficiency

#9 Phone Sheriff

A popular spy tool that one can use as a coupletracker is Phone Sheriff. The app excels when coming to monitoring the cell phone actions like call logs, text messages. This application is good at viewing the stored media files such as videos, photos, images, etc. Also with the help of it, location of the phone can be traced.


  • Location tracking of the phone is possible
  • Live phone calls are recorded
  • Remote access to SMS and calls are done
  • Stored media is easily viewable
  • Internet history is viewed


  • Multiple devices are supported
  • Affordable application to use

#10 MobileStealth

This application is listed on the last position among top 10 couple tracker tools. This application works remotely and doesn’t matter where you are present, you can easily access the application. It is featured by many spying facilities that are making it a complete spying solution. Anyone such as a friend, spouse, employer, parents can use it according to their needs.

Features of the app

  • GPS location tracking facility is available
  • Wipe the phone memory remotely
  • Monitors all text and call logs


  • No jailbreaking or rooting is needed
  • Affordable app available in the market


So these are the applications that a user can use for tracking the iphone and android. If you are interested to use anyone from those surely you will get good outcomes. However, using MobileTracking will be best as it is ranking on the top according to the reviews and star rating.

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