2 Ways for Text Spy Online on iPhone and Android

Text Spy Online on iPhone and Android in 2 Ways

Hacking and spying are the commonly used terms we hear these days. It is no more a big deal to spy on the person you wish for. One can easily spy on anyone text messages, calls, or any related phone activities of people by using their Android or iPhone. There are many reasons which have increased the reach of spying activities today. People prefer spying phone as this is the easiest way one catch their lovers if they are cheating on the other hand parents can catch their child if they are lying to them in any case, etc.

2 Easy Ways for Spying Text Messages Online On iPhone and Android
2 Easy Ways for Spying Text Messages Online On iPhone and Android

2 Easy Ways for Spying Text Messages Online On iPhone and Android

In addition to this, there are also many office employers who are spying on their employers day to day activities for testing their loyalty towards the organization.

Now the question arises how to spy on someone if you want to spy text messages of the suspected person? The answer to this is very simple. There are many spy application available in the market which can help you do this task. In this article, you are going to read about 2 very simple ways in which you can learn to spy on anyone’s text message you wish for. Let us now begin with the first way of spying messages in our next part of the article.

#1 MobileTracking App

MobileTracking is the highly used application worldwide for the different purposes of spying. With the help of this amazing spying software, one can easily monitor the targeted person phone activities in free of cost. On top of this, this spy app is very easy to install. Furthermore, MobileTracking offers you more than 25 features in total to enjoy your spying activities. By using the SMS tracker feature of this app you can view all the details of the SMS like the sender, receiver, date, time of the message, the content of the SMS, the multimedia files sent during the exchange of messages.

It provides you the real-time alert or notification whenever some sent or receive the message, you can also save the whole textual message at your online account

You not only can spy on text messages online by using your android as well as iPhone you can also spy on the following activities mentioned below:

  • GPS tracking on a real-time basis
  • Call spying
  • Blocking calls
  • Voice call recording
  • View all the multimedia files
  • Remotely control the phone
  • View the social media application content like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, etc

Thus to download this interesting application for spying you can click the link here.

#2 TheTruthSpy App

It is the second-best alternative to use for spying the SMS of the person you wishes to spy. It is the most popular spy app because it is easy to access via any android as well as iPhone operating devices. It offers the same features as the MobileTracking application like text, call, location, multimedia file spying, and many more features.


This was the best 2 ways in which you should try to spy on text messages next time.

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